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Lab Testings 

Whether it is a Liver Profile, Kidney Profile, Fatigue profile or a Hair Mineral Analysis Assessment, I can arrange these for you and work with you to interpret the results and make the necessary changes.

 How can functional testing can help? 

Testing provides an insight into what is going on in the body at a given moment. By obtaining additional information, we can make a more accurate assessment of your health and identify the underlying cause(s) of health conditions. It is also possible to use testing proactively to identify and remedy issues before they manifest in negative physical symptoms.

This information allows for a more targeted nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of payment

Can't see a test you would like to take? 

Not sure which one to choose? What to do next?

Please book a free call with me to discuss what would work for you and to start your journey to

better health. 

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