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Essential Nutritional & Sober Coaching 

What's included in this package? 

  • A medical and health questionnaire including information on your lifestyle such as sleep, exercise, and relaxation and a 3-day food diary to be completed on your online client portal before your 1st session so we can gain an understanding of your current health situation.


  • 5 sessions, each 45 mins of Sober Coaching & Nutrition support


  • Written nutrition and lifestyle guidelines including meals, recipes, snacks ideas helping you with your alcohol-free goal. 2 PDF Nutrition & lifestyle handouts given at each session ( in total 10) which will be available on your online client portal which you can access anytime.

  • Appropriate and carefully selected nutritional supplement recommendations (not included in cost and recommended as possible nutrient deficiencies due to the consumption of alcohol and for reducing cravings).


  • A personalised 10% discount code on appropriate and carefully selected supplements.


  • Reflections homework.


  • Access to your online client portal ( GDPR compliant).


  • GP referral letter if necessary.


  • Bonus - Membership to Sober Club for 1 month


Who is this package for? 

You are sober-curious and you would like to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol.


Your drinking is stress-related and you feel you are drinking too much, alcohol is getting in the way of the life you want.


You feel ashamed of your drinking habits and worried about being labelled as an alcoholic.


Your sleep may be disturbed, you may be waking in the early hours. You are motivated to grow into the healthiest version of yourself.



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