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Nutritional & Sober Coaching Packages 

Choose the package that suits the most your health goal 

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Basic Package

Valid for 12 weeks

Silver Package

Valid for 12 weeks

Gold Package

Valid for 12 weeks

How to start? What is the process?

It can be daunting to understand the process, I have explained the different stage

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Free, 30-minute discovery call 

I recommend using the free, no-obligation, 30-minute confidential discovery call to discuss your needs, your health goals, to understand if I can support you.


During our call, I can help you with choosing the most effective package for you, either in-person or online.


Health questionnaire  

Once you have decided which package will support you the best, you will receive a health questionnaire and food diary, which I request are completed and sent back to me prior to the initial consultation to help me to prepare for our first session.

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Between consultations

Initial consultation 

This consultation last approximately 90 minutes. During this time, we explore your drinking habits, current health concerns, symptoms, medical history, current supplements or medications and lifestyle.

We will run through some achievable changes and during our next session then we will discuss our finished protocol including nutrition & lifestyle recommendations to reach your health goal.

The initial is included in the Silver and Gold Packages not in the Basic one.  

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Some reflective homework will be shared with you.

You will become a Sober Club member and will be able to connect with other Sober members, which will enable you to keep motivated to reach your goal. Each package has different durations for being a member of the Sober Club.  

You will have access to your online client portal (GDPR-compliant) where you will be able to locate your finished protocol including nutrition & lifestyle recommendations, PDF Informative nutrition & lifestyle handouts, your reflection homework.


These consultations last for 45 minutes and allow us to discuss your progress or challenges.


We will work together to build your own personalised toolkit of nutrition, lifestyle, exercise options and strategies to cope in social situations.

Eating Healthy Foods

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I offer a free 30-minute telephone consultation to chat about how we can work together.


Book your call now to get started.

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